The most convenient and cost-effective way to experience the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is to take out a subscription. By becoming a subscriber, you deepen your engagement with the orchestra, see digital content you can’t see anywhere else, and enjoy more benefits than ever before. In 2022 we are offering 2 subscription categories to ensure you get an even better TSO experience no matter how you choose to connect.

As you will see from Table 1, the benefits attached to each subscription category are nearly identical, the major difference being that Benchmark subscribers choose their seats.


Members Club

If you travel, love flexibility and need a subscription that fits with your busy life, Members Club is perfect for you. It's an all access pass.

Members Club subscribers pay a membership fee of $22.50 per month per person for the 2022 season, unlocking  access to TSO live streams, Video On Demand and other benefits as set out in Table 1. Concert tickets for Members Club subscribers are at the flat rate of $50.00 per seat per concert (the same as for Benchmark subscribers) and the membership can be purchased at any time.




TSO Online

One of the benefits you unlock when you become a TSO subscriber is receive access to live-streamed concerts from Hobart’s Federation Concert Hall. Through a personalised subscriber link, you’ll be able to watch TSO concerts live streamed to your tablet, phone, laptop or internet-enabled TV. Enjoy our popular in-depth preshow segment Concert 101, exclusive to subscribers before every performance. Connect with us anywhere.

Video On Demand

As a subscriber you are also able to view our Video On Demand content. This consists primarily of concerts that were sent as live streams in the first instance. They are available for a 30-day period commencing two weeks after the performance date. Subscribers are free to watch a concert they may have missed or simply to replay favourite moments over and over again. Other content – not available elsewhere – is also posted to our Video On Demand site including Concert 101, one-off interviews and special performances.

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Terms and Conditions


  • We are unable to offer an automatic legacy to the seats subscribers purchased in the past, so we kindly ask patrons that new requests are made starting from the day season tickets go on sale: Thursday, 11 November. Please note that no allocations will be confirmed instantly. Requests will be processed by our Customer Service team in the order in which they are received. All requests will be timestamped as of the day and time they arrive by each of the channels of purchase.
  • If a patron’s seating request cannot be met, our Customer Service team will be in touch to discuss an alternative solution.
  • At the time of ordering 2022 concert tickets, subscribers can supplement tickets to any of the extra performances offered as part of the program using their 44% discount, available on all main-stage performances. Subscriber price will apply to one ticket per concert per subscriber. All extra tickets will revert to standard rates. Some concerts (Obscura, Live Sessions) are not eligible for the discount.
  • Exchanges from the Benchmark concerts will open on Thursday 2 December.
  • A current subscriber who wishes to transfer to a Benchmark Subscription may do so without incurring a loss. Contact the TSO Box Office either by phone or in person to discuss.
  • Seating plan configurations and assigned seats may change to meet Government Health mandated requirements and to adhere to the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra’s Covid-safe plan. We will contact you prior to your performance to notify you of any changes as soon as they are confirmed.
  • Access to TSO digital programming is an inherent part of the Benchmark subscription and cannot be removed.
  • Only concerts at Federation Concert Hall are currently available for Live Streaming and Video On Demand.

Members Club

  • While the option to join the Members Club is open year-round, tickets for individual performances in the 2022 concert season go on sale on Thursday 2 December 2021.
  • Subscriber price of $50.00 (44% discount) will apply to one ticket per Member. Any additional tickets will revert to standard rates.
  • Members can book tickets without restrictions to seating zones; however, seats are subject to availability. Some concerts (Obscura, Live Sessions) are not eligible for the discount.
  • Only concerts at Federation Concert Hall are currently available for Live Streaming and Video On Demand.