6pm Series

The perfect mix of a traditional concert experience through a contemporary lens. Always memorable and always energising, a 6pm performance is the perfect post-work, pre-dinner event.


Explore something different – and equally brilliant – away from a concert hall experience. Forget what you know about orchestral music. This is sound and sight, performing the experimental, the off-beat, or the reinvented. Open your mind and let the music take you.

Live Sessions

Think classical music isn’t for you? Think again. This is high level music in wonderfully lo-fi settings. It’s like a pub gig where every performance is unplugged and completely unpretentious.

Music at Woolmers

Woolmers Estate in Longford is home to our unique Chamber Music experience, across six exquisite concerts throughout the year. The setting is sublime and the music alluring, making each performance perfect.

Special Events

Our special events are always something to behold. Whether you’re under the stars, on a beanbag or in the most unusual space you can think of, we’re there, creating beauty, emotion and performances that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Family Concerts

You’re never too young to experience the wonder of music being performed right before your eyes.

Season 2024

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