Along the Peterskaya

Sing-a-long with the TSO in your own classroom! TSO Songbook Along the Peterskaya features audio of an orchestral accompaniment to a folk song from Russia arranged by Australian composer Lisa Cheney and commissioned and recorded by the TSO. Child-friendly lyrics have been created in English for classroom teaching purposes and are not a direct transcription of the lyrics in the original language. PDF Teaching resources provide tasks and activities for course assessment.

F-2: ACAMUM080; 081; 082; ACAMUR083
3-4: ACAMUM084; 085; 086; ACAMUR087
5-6: ACAMUM088; 089; 090; ACAMUR091

Also available is an audio file of Lisa’s new orchestral work Echoes and Threads that includes an orchestration of Along the Peterskaya.

Audio recorded by Toby Frost and Veronika Vincze of ABC Classic