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Welcome to TSO Daily Dose, our way of staying connected with audiences, supporters and friends during these virally challenged times. We’re still making music – lots of it! – and we want to share it with you through this portal.

Between 20 March and 18 September 2020 we posted a clip each day. You can view all 183 of these videos at our YouTube channel. They range from orchestral performances to chamber music recitals, interviews to show-and-tell demos. Explore them at your leisure!

TSO Daily Dose now comes in a weekly format with new clip being posted each Friday at 8am.

TSO Daily Dose is medication you’ll want to share. Circulate it through your online communities and help us stay connected #TSODailyDose.

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Today’s TSO Daily Dose

The TSO gratefully acknowledges the following patrons for their support of TSO Daily Dose:

Tom Breen & Dr Rachael Kohn AO

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Graeme Wood Foundation