A realm where music, light and vision come together, Obscura is a new concert series from the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Held at Hobart’s Odeon Theatre and lasting for around an hour, Obscura delivers the slightly experimental and off-beat alongside more standard works. You might know some of the music, you might know none of it. It doesn’t matter. Come along with an open mind and see where the music takes you.

Lighting effects enhance the experience and you’re free to imbibe during the concert (there’s a bar inside the auditorium). For music with a strong visual element, imagery features too. You get the picture. Obscura is multi-sensory. In a way that’s nothing new – music has always touched the senses by means we can hardly explain – but it’s a new approach to presenting orchestral music.

Open your mind. Open your ears. Immerse yourself.

Vivaldi Recomposed

Max Richter’s Recomposed: Vivaldi The Four Seasons is already a modern classic. A contemporary reworking of Vivaldi’s ageless violin concertos, Recomposed takes its cues from Vivaldi’s music, building a parallel universe of hypnotic sound loops, swooping melodic arcs and charging motor rhythms. Before the Richter, revel in sound chunks from Jonny Greenwood’s moody soundtrack to There Will Be Blood.