Precision in Harmony:
Integrating a Click-Track into TSO Performances

17 June 2024

For those who took part in our 2023 Quiz Night, Raffle and Silent Auction, you’ll be aware we were striving to raise $10,000 to purchase a click-track for the orchestra. We are pleased to report, we met our target and early in 2024 put the new click-track to use!

Mark Bain

What is a click-track you might ask? It is a means to deliver a series of audio cues to the conductor and musicians of the orchestra in order to achieve synchronicity in recordings and against moving images. For TSO, this proves useful for our commercial performances with outside collaborators, to ensure synchronicity with backing tracks and lighting, as well as when we perform music to accompany film so that the music matches the footage perfectly.

What does it look like? Technically the click-track is a series of units (roughly one for each section of the orchestra) that the musicians attach headphones to. The click-track then plays through the headphones so that each musician is hearing the same cues at the same time. These cues could be countdowns to the start of phrases or sections of music or can act as a metronome to maintain tempo.

Interesting fact! Each individual headphone set is carefully cleaned and maintained after each performance. This ensures longevity of the equipment as well as best hygiene practices.

When have we used it? In 2024 so far TSO has used the click-track for our Wolfe Brothers Collaborations in Hobart and Launceston plus for the Living with Devils screenings in May. If you attended either of these concerts, you may have noticed our musicians wearing the click-track headphones.

Thank you to those who contributed to providing this asset for the orchestra and we look forward to continuing to put it to good use.


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