Congratulations Edwina & Luke on the arrival of baby Nate.

TSO Violin, Edwina George and her husband Luke Roberts recently welcomed a baby boy, Nate earthside. We know Edwina loves an adventure, so we wondered how caring for a baby compares to hurtling down a snow-covered mountain (read our blog about her heliskiing past time).

Hi Edwina, last time we featured you in Concertante it was to talk about jumping out of helicopters onto snow covered mountains. This time it is to welcome baby Nate to the world. You clearly love an adventure. So how does your latest ‘adventure’ compare?

It’s definitely a different type of adventure, but I am loving it! The baby-venture requires a bit more calm, a lot more couch-sitting, and a lot less sleep, but can be equally adrenalin-inducing!

Being pregnant and playing an instrument, particularly with an orchestra, must have a deep physical effect on a baby as they grow. Have you noticed if Nate has a disposition for music, in particular classical music, or violin?

Baby Nate has been exposed to a wide range of music in and out of utero. Obviously, a lot of classical music (1600s- 2022), but equally a lot of 70s (1970s that is!) pop and Spotify rollercoasters. Dad-time often involves some 90s rock, so I feel like he’s pretty well-rounded. We’ve been trying to remember the words to nursery rhymes to sing to him, with some pretty hilarious, non-sensical results.

How have you found the demands of this ‘new’ role stack up against those of a fulltime musician?

Gosh, it’s such a different role. I’ve been so lucky and feel so supported by my work colleagues and friends that in some way, it’s not so different to playing in a section! Equally, his wake periods of 90mins are the same length of time as our maximum rehearsal time before a break, so maybe I’ve accidentally been training for this for years!

Have either you or Luke had any parenthood myths busted now you have a baby, if so which ones?

“Sleep when the baby sleeps”. Oh man, I wish! It’s great in principle, and definitely necessary in the early days (if you have spare adults to supervise bub), but when do you get to eat, shower, and wash baby clothes? Most often in nap time, a meal, hot drink, and a bit of ‘me time’ does the trick. Nate’s been a great overnight sleeper so far (touch wood!), so adult daytime naps aren’t such a necessity. Don’t think I’ve had one in weeks!

If you know, when are we hoping to see you back on stage?

All things being well, sometime in the new year!

Thanks for chatting to us Edwina. We love that you’re revelling in your ‘baby-venture’ and we can’t wait to see you back on stage soon.