Relaxed Concerts

Saturday 23 Nov 2024 9:30am, 11am
TSO Studio, nipaluna / Hobart

Music is for everyone – including young listeners who might have trouble sitting still, paying attention, or trying new things. Informal and fun, Relaxed Concerts are for children aged from 5 to 10 and are held in the safe environment of the TSO Studio. It’s an inclusive, accessible and welcoming concert experience for children with sensory processing considerations, regulation challenges, or other unique needs.

Running for 50 minutes, you’ll meet 15 musicians of the TSO, find out about their instruments and enjoy a casual, sensory monitored concert.


9.30am Session 1
11am Session 2

Duration: 50 minutes


TSO Studio
1 Davey Street
nipaluna / Hobart

Entry via the Hotel Grand Chancellor