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Support the TSO and connect with our orchestra beyond the concert hall.

By supporting the TSO, you assist us to make a lasting impact in the communities we serve, extending our reach into schools and regional communities and inspiring the next generation of classical musicians. Your support ensures that the TSO can keep classical music alive, and inspire musicians and audience members alike for generations to come. We would be delighted to welcome you as a TSO Patron and join our diverse range of donors who are also passionate about music.


Pledge your support of the music you love by donating to one of the following areas detailed
below – Orchestra, Schools & Artistic Training, or Community.

Holly Harrison, Composer


Play a key part in the TSO’s artistic vision for the future.

Whether the TSO are performing live or streaming online, we enjoy a reputation well beyond the shores of our island state and attract world-class musicians, guest artists and conductors to perform alongside our talented orchestra.

We have a strong reputation for championing new Australian works and pride ourselves on our diverse collaborations with both local and interstate artists.

Our 90-strong TSO Chorus is internationally renowned for its large choral works and has collaborated with iconic institutions including Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Hong Kong Philharmonic. Closer to home, the TSO Chorus maintain their local identity through partnering with local festivals and regional touring in Tasmania.

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Holly Harrison, Composer


Inspire a life-long love of music learning.

Passionate about introducing the joy of music to everyone, the TSO offers a comprehensive education program to music lovers of all ages. 

Whenever possible, the TSO takes musicians and ensembles to schools and community venues, and schools come to the TSO to experience tailor-made education concerts and attend orchestra rehearsals. 

To complement these performances, we offer a range of online resources for schools and anyone wishing to learn. 

The TSO is passionate about nurturing the next generation of composers and conductors with intensive training programs such as the Australian Composers’ School, Australian Conducting Academy and Louise Crossley Conducting Workshop, which provides a unique opportunity for them to work alongside a symphonic orchestra and to build an important toolkit to strengthen their future career. 

The TSO Rising Star Competition provides an exciting opportunity for students studying classical instruments or vocalists. Eligible Tasmanian students audition for the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in a concert event. 

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Holly Harrison, Composer


Make an impact in your Community.

Ensure we connect all Tasmanians with a love of music. 

Our TSO To You program enables Tasmanians from all corners of the state an opportunity to experience the TSO. This is done through pop-up performances at community halls and aged care facilities, as well as workshops by our Community Ambassador Musicians and Live Screening events of our Federation Concert Hall performances.   

Our Community Rehearsal is always a popular event on the TSO Calendar where TSO musicians rehearse side-by-side with community members from around the state.   

TSO's Growing Pain in the Arts is a skills development program for Tasmania’s small to medium creative sector. This workshop series provides a wonderful opportunity to develop knowledge and experience in a variety of critical areas, which in turn collectively strengthens the creative spirit in Tasmania. 

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"As a non-musician I love the opportunity to have a friendship with one of our world class musicians, and to learn and understand their life in music."
– Patricia Leary, Principal Double Bass Chair Patron


As a Chair Patron you have the special opportunity to develop a wonderful relationship with your chosen musician, to learn about their artistry, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what it’s like to be a professional musician in an orchestra. You will join a diverse community of patrons who share your passion and love for the music, and musicians, of the TSO. You can support a musician as an individual, or you might like to form a syndicate with your friends and family. Chair Patron support starts from $5,000 per annum and donations are fully tax-deductible.

Visit Meet the TSO to see our musicians and their Chair Patrons.

Huon Pine Patrons
John Cauchi AM & Catherine Walker
Elizabeth Chen
Jeff Compton & Annegret Ludwig
Jane Drexler
Rob & Tricia Greenwell
David & Catherine Hamilton
Marie Heitz
In Memory of Ian Hicks
Belinda Kendall-White
Patricia Leary
Penny Le Couteur & Greg Dickson
Ang Madden
R H O'Connor
Andrew Parker & Caroline Sharpen
Dr David & Mrs Glenys Rich
Dr John & Mrs Barbara Roberts
Chris & John Sandow
Joy Selby Smith
Dr Peter Stanton
Dr Hilary Wallace
Anonymous (1)

Sassafras Patrons
Cath Adams & Steve Craft
John & Marilyn Canterford
Anne & Don Challen AM
David & Elizabeth de Burgh
Dr Joanna de Burgh
Marc & Susan Duldig
Richard & Harriett England
John Langford & Diane Matthews
The Late David McEwan AM
Anthony G McGee AM
Louise & Tim Mooney AM
Mountain Air Foundation
Bruce Neill & Penny Clive
Bill Oakley OAM
Jan & Alan Rees
James and Jacqueline Roberts-Thomson
Margaret Sharpen
Dr Di Stow
Mr Yongyi Tao
Michelle Warren
Deirdre & Trevor Wise
Anonymous (2)

Leatherwood Patrons
Damian Bugg AM & Jenny Bugg
Elizabeth Bugg
George & Jan Casimaty
Dr Josh & Wendy Cocker
Prof Mike Coffin
Beth Coombe
Stephanie Cooper
Simon Coultas
Vicki Cowles & Josef Neuschwanger
Prof Stephen Crump
David Davey & Annick Ansselin
Lynne Docking
Jane Edmanson OAM
Roger Fisher
Garry Forward & Allanah Dopson
TJ Foster
Jennifer Gale
Giameos Constructions & Developments
Emeritus Prof Andrew Glenn & Dr Odile Glenn
Dr Brita Hansen & Frank Halley
Susan Hawick AM
Dr Donald Hempton
Peter & Jeanne Hepburn
Janet Holmes à Court AC
Dr David & Donna Humphries
Don & Christine Jeffrey
Paavo Jumppanen
Veronica Keach
Judith Ker
Ian & Leslieann Kilgour
Suzanne Kirkham
Betty Kuhl

Harvey Lennon
David Lloyd
Linda & Martin Luther
Dulcie Mahoney
Dr Katherine Marsden
Maggie McKerracher
Dominic McNamara
Caryl McQuestin
Sarah Morrisby
Alison Nadebaum
Jan Nicholas
Katherine Olejniczak
Alison E Parsons
Helen Ross & Margaret Whiteside
Margaret Sallis
Deirdre Schoe
Dr Johannes Schonborn
Jenny Scott
Dick & Sue Shoobridge
Christopher Spiegel
Tony Stacey AM & Mrs Jeanette Stacey
Rowland Turner
Philip & Frances Tyrell
Frances Underwood
John Upcher
John Usher OAM
Hank & Elizabeth van Herk
Residents of Vaucluse Gardens
Jacqui Walkden
Dr Michael Wilkinson
Geoff & Vicki Willis
Jane Zimmerman
Anonymous (14)

Blackwood Patrons
Andrew Bennett
Kim Boyer & Fred Westwood
Dr Nicholas Brodie
Jenny & Ian Burleigh
Janet Carding
Heather & Christopher Chong
Amy Crosby
Ms Gail Friesen
Furneaux Arts Committee
Susie Harrison
Shirley Honeysett
Ann Hopkins
Peter Hordern
Ross Kelly
Richard & Julia Metcalf
Margret Monks
Gisele O'Byrne AM
Tony Purdon
Denise & Steve Southwood
Dr Tanya Stephens
Janet Tomlinson
Jeanette Tremayne
Polly Woods
Dr Rosemary Yeoland
Anonymous (6)

Silver Wattle Patrons
Simon Allston & Janeil Hall
Chris Andrews & Jill-Maree Geeves
May Backhouse
Dennis Bewsher
Justin Birrell
Helene Bogut-Browne
Dixie Brodribb
Deborah Brook
Peter Brooks
Marion Burbury
Alan & Jan Butler
Roger Carrington
Dr Helen Chick
Dr Marj Colvill
Christine Coombe
Janet Crane
Margaret Deguara
Dobson Mitchell & Allport Lawyers
Jane Douglas
Father Mark Freeman
Dr. R A Harrup & Mr D O'Toole
Sharron Hewer
Heinz Lintner

Chris & Dot Lloyd-Bostock
William Lo
John & Hazel Maddox
Jane Martinez
Dr Milford McArthur
Jane Monaghan
Clare Morrisby
Dr Robyn Munro
Susie North
Meriel Owen
Leone Paget
Dr Vicki Passlow
Shane Powell
James Puustinen
William Reynolds
Cameron Smith
Elaine Tack
Diane & Neville Truskett
Judith Tudball
Julian Type
Kathlyn & John Wheatley
Jane Wilcox
Sharon Winters
Anonymous (18)

TSO Friends
Rose Addison
Michael Alchin
Jo Aldridge
Jennifer Andrews
Dr Matthew Appleby
Rev P & Mrs S Astley-Bogg
Leon & Lorraine Atkinson-MacEwen
Heather Aubert
Antony Ault
Vanessa Bagot
Dominique Baker
Elin Baker
Brent & Susane Balchin
Angela Baldock
Clare Balfour
John & Elizabeth Ballard
Catherine Barta
Mr D & Mrs J Benjamin
Greg Bell
Renee Bettenay
Larry & Jean Birch
Melanie Bird
Dr Susan Blackburn
Iluna Bluewater
Elzabeth Bondfield

The Bown Family
Anne Brown OAM
Jillian Bruni
Dr Marc Budge
Andrew Bugg
Carmel Burns
Alan & Jan Butler
Judith Butler
Rosemary Cahir
Colvin Calver
Rosanna Cameron
Hilary Cane
Heather Cartledge
Maura Chamberlain
Ian Chambers & Kathryn Arneman
Pete Ciaschini
Robert Clark
Sue Clarke
Thomas & Anne Clarke
Dr Linda Clow
Robert Cooney
Gail Cork
Paul Costin & Barbara Haydock
Geraldine Couninis
Shannon Cox
Kathryn Cranor
Peter & Doris Cranswick

Brian Curtis
Katie Daniels
Veronica Darby
Frances Darcey
Michelle De Paoli
Alex Deane
Elizabeth Delaney
Tony & Kate Dell
John Diment & Elizabeth Haworth
Robin Direen
Laura Dix
Anne Donnelly
Mynie Donohue
Tom & Pauline Dorey
Mr J Dunn
Arwen Dyer
Lisa Eastman
Lisa Eckstein
Elizabeth Eden
The Elder Family
Fiona Elliott
Stephanie Eslake
Susan Farrell
Klaus Felsche
Jill Finch
Scott Finlayson

Wendy Fleet
Michelle Folder
Louise Foley
Glenn & Janice Forbes
Ferdie Foster
Pauline Foster
Peter & Sally Fowler
Katherina Fraser
Graeme & Jane Frazer
Joh & Jill Freeman
Lorene Furmage
Sari Goddam
Brian Gallacher
Valerie Gaskett
Wolf & Nadia Gelman
Cristina Genovese
Lynn & Richard Giddings
Barbara Jane Gilby
Anne Gilles
Peter Graham
Julianne Green
Kate Greenhill
Judith Grieve
Jennifer Grose
Theo & Jan Haege
Emma Haley

Carole Hall
Helen Halliday
Megan Hansson
Ian Hargreaves
Rosemary Harle
Rod & Eileen Harris
Kimberly Harrold
Brian and Jacky Hartnett
Dr Geoffrey Haward AM
Julie Hawkins
Connor Hay
Lucy Hay
David & Shelley Hayton
Dr Jody Heald AM
Kimberley Heap
Ian & Sandra Heard
Rex Heathcote & Alison Andrews
Dawn Hendrick
Susan Hesington
Nicholas Heyward
Barbara Higgins
Bill Hirshberg
Jill Hollingsworth
Robin & Anne Holyman
Lina Huang
Dr John Humble

Judy & Alan Hyndes
Margaret Ibbott BA
Susan Ikin
Meredith Inglis
Dr Dale Irving
Jeanette Jackson
Prof Peter Jarman & Margaret Brock
Peter Jarvis & Ans van Heijster
Nick Jatan
Debra Jensen
Dr Joanna Johnston
In memory of Ronald Francis Jolly
Emmy Jowitt
Jennifer Judd
John & Connie Kay
Marie Keane
Ruth Kearon
Maryanne Keating
Ann Kelly
Margaret Kelly
Steve Kemp
Rhonda & Stan Kemsley
J Kingshott
Julie & David Kirk
Colin Kittel
Peter & Sue Klausen

Louise Klein
Michael Kregor
Sue Kremer
David & Robyn Kronenberg
Kirsten Laurie
Elaine Lawrence
Janine Leake
Peter & Pam Lechte
Dr Matthew Lee-Archer
Ted Lefroy
Siobhan Lenihan
Suzanne & Stuart Lester
V Lester
Jennifer Line
Lisa Lockett
June Lory
Gek Low
Marilla Lowe
Anne Lynch & Joseph Giedl
Dr Mary Ellen MacDonald
Lana Mack
Karen MacPherson
John & Jacqueline Maginnis
Melissa Mathieson
Patricia Mavromatis
Marisa McArthur

Mary Ellen in memory of Kerensa
Leanne McDougall & Robin Smith
Anthony G McGee AM
Mary McIlhenny
Maggie McKerracher
E Mcleod
Danielle McPhail
Graeme McShane
Samantha Miles
Caleb Miller
Senator Christine Milne
Jane Monaghan
Daniel Monsen
Karen & Paul Montague
Kevin Moore
Jennifer Morawska
Leon & Susan Morrell
Mr Ian Morrey
Mrs Anne Moulden
Robert Mourant
Philippa Moyes
Helen Mueller
Ron & Gwen Murray
Amanda Muruste
Ellen Naef
Anthony Newman

Ciara Nicholls
Angela Nichols
The Nichols Family
Lyn Nicholson
Donelda Niles
Mitchell Nissen
Kaye Nolan
Vicki Nowell
Jenny Osborne
Sister Carrie Page
Michelle Paine
Mrs Alice Painter
Mary Palfreeman
Judith Palmer
Scott & Helen Parkes
Phillip Patman
Ivan & Deirdre Pearson
Jennifer Phillips
Edwin & Helen Pitman
Martin & Sally Poole
Margaret Price
Shefali Pryor
Alan & Susan Pull
Ann Pusta
Possum & Chunky Pyne
Courtney Quinn McCabe

Janice & Dan Randall
David Ratcliff
Chris Rathbone
Rosemary Rayfuse
Eleanor Reed
Debra Reid
Jennifer & John Reid
Kerstin Reimers
The Roach Family
Clare Roberts & Mark Tarleton
Joan Roberts
Marshall Roberts
Kay Rodda
Chloe Roe
PJ & EA Rogers
Jean Ross
Philip Ryan
Thomas Ryan
Dr Ian Sale & Family
Dr A & Carol Samuelson
Julie Sanderson
John & Janet Sands
Ken Saunders
Marie Saunders
Nancy & Megan Schaffner
Julie & Ludovic Schmidt

Shelley Sexton
Diane Shapcott
David Shaw
Jane Shaw
David Smith & Sandy Williams
Diane Smith
Robin Smith
Dr Liza Snow
Elizabeth & Don Sorensen
Julie Sorensen
Ainslie Sowden
Kim Spencer AO
Mr Ken Stanton
Amanda Stark & Millard Ziegler
Sherryl Stephensen
Paul Stockwin
Karen Stokes
Craig Sullivan
Alan & Rosemary Tait
Peter Talbot & Lois Beckwith
David & Anne Taylor
Grant & Elizabeth Taylor
Jean Taylor
Michele Taylor
Geoff & Patricia Tilley

John & Regula Tisch
Michael Tooth
Priscilla Travers
Diane Truskett
In memory of Adrianus Vialle
Peter Viney
Elena Vito
Jessie Vonk
Helen Vorrath
Mrs Louise Voss
Geoff Walker
Hilary Wall
Joan Ward
Graham Wardle
The Hon Kate Warner AM & Mr Richard Warner
Jen Warren
Katharine Waterworth
Mark Wheatley
Sallyann Wheeldon
Graeme Whittle
Gwenyth Williams
Eugenia & Brian Williams
Christine Wilson
M Wilson & G Wilson
Linden Wood
Professor Anna Yeatman

Graeme Young & Karen McDiarmid
Gillian Zacks
Fen Zhou
Anonymous (45)

Whether sponsoring a musician in the orchestra, or supporting our invaluable community programs, so much of what we do relies on you. We offer our deepest thanks to all our Patrons and Friends.

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