2030 - Our Cathedral

We began work on TSO 2030 - Our Cathedral in 2020 and officially launched the strategy in March 2022. Our vision is the collective voice of the TSO and those with aspirations for Tasmania’s orchestra.

We call it Our Cathedral because we've challenged ourselves to think of a future beyond our own tenures. And while 2030 is a marker, Our Cathedral tethers all of us today to the future TSO - a vital, fit-for-purpose orchestra that is present, connected and of service to all Tasmanians for generations to come.

The plan contains 19 integrated strategic initiatives, including our five major goals. These really matter, because they shift the needle on participation, inclusion and taking Tasmanian culture to the world. They are our definition of contemporary ‘orchestrahood’ in a place as unique and utterly special as our Island.

2030 Strategy
Five Major goals