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UKE BOX features video performances of original songs, written and arranged by Tasmanian songwriter Eleanor Tucker. Each arrangement showcases orchestral instruments as well as encouraging ukulele players of all levels to have a go and play-along.


Chord and tab charts are displayed on screen, and each song is followed by an up-close demonstration of ukulele technique. Duplicate videos displaying song lyrics are available as well as support materials for free download, including lead sheets and notes for teachers.


“Each song has been written with the ukulele in mind. I have tried to keep these parts as simple and accessible as possible (mainly 1 & 2 finger chords/ some pentatonic melodies) while simultaneously providing enough variety to retain interest, and extend playing technique.”

Eleanor Tucker 2021


Eleanor Tucker – songwriter, arranger, and vocalist


Gina Rose – vocalist


Finlay Underwood – vocalist


Mangus (Mark Schmalfuss) – ukulele

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