Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra joins global symphonic video streaming platform

22 Mar 2024

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is pleased to announce an Australian-first partnership with the global symphonic video streaming platform

Under this partnership, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra will stream a range of concerts on, providing audiences around the globe with their own seat in the house at Federation Concert Hall. Through's applications and user-friendly interface, music enthusiasts can enjoy the TSO’s unique sound worlds across the repertoire spectrum with a unique and intimate birds-eye view.

With, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is taking another bold step towards audience growth and participation. The ability to enjoy the TSO is no longer limited by the number of seats in the concert hall or by our geography. The TSO can be enjoyed anywhere in the world at any time and's innovative platform will support the TSO in generating new sales income from its outstanding musical content.

On joining, TSO joins a stable of top international orchestras including Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, London Symphony Orchestra, The Cleveland Orchestra, Czech Philharmonic, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra and Budapest Festival Orchestra.

Caroline Sharpen, CEO of Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Joining is a really important moment for us. We are so excited to bring global audiences to our island at the southern reaches of the world - and to provide a glimpse into the music making that happens here. From the landmarks of the canon to music emanating from the most inspiring Australian creators – we can’t wait to share our music and demonstrate what it means to be an orchestra connected to our place and our people”. CEO’s, Maarten Walraven and Jeroen van Egmond, added, "We are delighted to welcome the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to the family. Their commitment to artistic excellence aligns seamlessly with our mission to make classical music accessible to audiences worldwide. Through, we provide a unique platform for orchestras to showcase their talent and connect with enthusiasts, while also offering a sustainable way to monetize their extraordinary performances."

The collaboration between the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra and is set to bring a new dimension to the classical music landscape, fostering global connections and ensuring the reach and continued growth of TSO.

For more information visit TSO on

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