TSO and The20: a joyful collaboration

17 May 2024

TSO's 2024 season identity is one full of colour, emotion and intrigue. This captivating representation of the season is the result of a reignited relationship between TSO and design agency, The20.

We spoke with The20's Senior Graphic Designer, Angie Miller, to find out the inspiration behind the season identity and the ways TSO and The20 are kicking goals together in 2024.


Thank you for joining us Angie.  Could you tell us a little about your role at The20?

I’m the Senior Graphic Designer at The20. I work to briefs that are informed by our clients, and sometimes strategy and research, that identify what the client needs to communicate and who to. I normally work within a creative team including a creative director and writer, to figure out how to communicate the message with the audience – how do we want them to feel, or what do we want them to do and how can we achieve this with images and words.

The20 started working with the TSO again in mid-2023. What's been the most exciting element of working with the TSO so far?

We are all so excited to have the TSO work back in the agency. Creating the Season 2024 identity has certainly been the highlight so far. We started with an inspiring and thorough briefing from Simon. He explained the TSO’s vision for the upcoming season and showed us examples of all the different TSO experiences so that we understood what we were talking about. Then the pressure was on for us to create an identity that cut though, communicated the creative vision and represented the orchestra.

It’s exciting to work for a creative organisation with such a great product. You’ve trusted us to do what we do and run with it. It’s a pleasure working with the team at the TSO.

Do you have a favourite TSO concert or experience that you've been to?

Last year I saw Obscura Machina with percussionist Claire Edwardes, the 6pm Series concert Fire and Water and the Federation Concert Hall performance with violinist Benjamin Beilman. It’s pretty hard to choose a favourite between those! They were just so different and all incredibly clever. But I really love the idea of the 6pm concerts, it works so well, you don’t have to be super-savvy and you can safely invite anyone and know they’ll get something out of it.

Congratulations on an eye-catching and inspiring design for the 2024 Season. What were your inspirations in designing the look and feel?

Thank you. The brief was all about Joy, as an antidote to the weird few years the world has had and the lingering effect that’s having on people. It’s about getting out there again and feeling something real.

So the design is based on a spectrum of colours like a rainbow, which is recognised as a symbol of joy, then each of the coloured beams of light represents a different TSO series, conveying the diversity of experiences the TSO has to offer. There’s the shiny, golden light of the Federation Concert Hall, they smokey blue of Obscura and the gritty red of Live Sessions.

We were aiming to retain the sophisticated confidence of the TSO but also to surprise with something slightly unexpected that might get the attention of new audiences.

I hear The20 has recently won some special awards for your work on the 2024 Season, could you tell us about these?

Yes, that was exciting. The Diemen Awards celebrate Tasmania’s creative industry. The TSO Season 2024 won for Brand Identity and Social Campaign, as well as the Grand Diemen for the design category overall.

Congratulations! Finally, what are you working on at the moment for the TSO?

Lately we’ve been working on social campaigns for Obscura and the 6pm Series, aiming to target some new audiences to join the existing loyal TSO crowd.

Thank you so much for talking with us Angie. We can't wait to see what's to come for our 2024 Season and beyond!

Check out the Come Closer campaign for the 6pm Series below (and don't forget to pick up 2 for 1 tickets to the next concert!).

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