Foundation Tax Matters

What are the tax implications of my bequest? It is a good idea to let your family know you have made a gift to the TSO Foundation in your will. It is suggested you discuss this with your legal and financial advisers.

What are the tax implications of a donation to the TSO Foundation? The TSO Foundation is a deductible gift recipient. Therefore, your donation is tax deductible. It is suggested you discuss this with your taxation adviser.

Can a bequest or donation to the TSO Foundation be anonymous? Yes, you can advise the TSO Foundation that your identity is to remain confidential.

Can I direct where my bequest to the TSO Foundation is to be spent?  The Trust Deed does provide for a directed gift, provided the TSO Foundation directors and the TSO believe the gift can be satisfied.

Statutory information.

The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Foundation Limited, (ACN 131 401 440),  a company limited by Guarantee, is Trustee of the TSO Foundation Trust. The registered office is at 1 Davey Street Hobart 7000.

The TSO Foundation Trust, ABN 29 136 095 566, is a Public Ancillary Fund for taxation purposes.