The most economical way to buy tickets is to purchase them in bulk. You only need to buy a minimum of four concerts to be eligible for a 10% discount. Your discount increases to 15% should you purchase eight or more concerts. Not only do you save money by buying a package of concerts, you have the flexibility to pay for your package in instalments. What’s more, you are eligible for free ticket exchanges and will receive complimentary concert programs. You also receive discounts to other performing arts companies, both in Tasmania and interstate. Additionally, you will be prioritised with seat allocation, receiving the best available seating. Please note that all concerts in this brochure are able to be bundled into packages with the exception of Mini TSO.

Choose 4-7 concerts and receive 10% off.

Choose 8 or more concerts and receive 15% off.

Select a Fixed Package and receive 10-20% off.

Fixed Packages come in different sizes and offer all of the benefits outlined above together with the same seat for all concerts that have allocated seating. The Fixed Packages are: Hobart Matinee Series (5 concerts), Launceston Series (6 concerts), Hobart Master Series (12 concerts), Hobart Master + Matinee Series (17 concerts). For further information on Fixed Packages, please phone the TSO Box Office on 1800 001 190.

Choose a Customer Credit and receive 10% off.

Starting at $250, a Customer Credit allows you to choose your concerts as the year unfolds rather than having to select the concerts up-front. Your credit remains valid for the duration of the 2020 season.