New bundles of joy for the TSO family!

TSO Principal Clarinet Andrew Seymour, and his wife Cristelle were thrilled when their second daughter Genevieve arrived on April 8. Andrew tells us more about how he is finding fatherhood during such challenging times...

Having a newborn in the middle of a global pandemic has certainly presented some unique challenges! But being able to have this time together is something we will no doubt look back on as very special.

Genevieve has probably heard more of my clarinet practice than Isabel (my first daughter) ever did as normally I do my practice at work. Isabel and I play a game called ‘Concerts’ where we give concerts to each other with our clarinets, the teddies and Genevieve make a willing audience!


TSO Associate Conductor, Elena Schwarz, and her husband Adam welcomed baby Alma on 7 April. We asked Elena a couple of quick questions about becoming a mum.

Hi Elena, what inspired baby Alma’s name?

Adam and I wanted a name that could function both in Italian, my mother tongue, and his native Hebrew. We’ve since discovered that Alma also means Apple in Turkish!

Can you already see personality traits in your daughter?

I’m not sure I’d call it a personality trait, but as my mother noted: “She gets cranky if she doesn’t eat for three hours, just like her mother and grandmother”!

Have you introduced her to classical music yet? If so, does she seem to enjoy any particular piece?

At the moment she loves the album Ladilikan, a collaboration between Trio da Kali and Kronos Quartet.

What is Alma's favourite thing to do?

Since a week or so, she’s started babbling and now runs a commentary any time we read or sing to her.

We can’t wait to meet the little ones in person in the future!