In 2019, Hobart’s youth dance company DRILL presented the dance work NEON at Bayview College, Rokeby.

A site-specific, triple-bill choreographed by Joshua Lowe, Angela Barnard and returning DRILL alumnus, Jaala Jensen, NEON was an immersive, free-roaming performance that encouraged the audience to pick their own adventure. Working in collaboration with thirty local young dancers, the choreographers created works in response to three elements; Carbon, Krypton and Lithium. NEON examined how the elements, representing all basic matter in the Universe, interact, bond and change, and explored how these relationships give them meaning and purpose.

Through a TSO partnership with DRILL, each choreographer worked with an emerging Tasmanian composer to develop the concept or brief for each element. The composers then wrote original musical scores that were recorded by the TSO in January 2019. For the performances of NEON, the audience experienced the music through wireless headphones.

Lithium - Claire Farrell composer, Jaala Jensen choreographer

Krypton - Rhys Gray composer, Angela Barnard choreographer

Carbon - Jonathan Dieckfoss composer, Joshua Lowe choreographer