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Rikki Mawad

Board Member

Rikki Mawad

Rikki Mawad, Board Member

An experienced Board Director with a broad background in law, politics, mediation, culture change, leadership development and strategic communications. Rikki is passionate and motivated about helping to facilitate the TSO 2030 – Our Cathedral vision.

Rikki’s professional portfolio of work includes conflict management, facilitation, strategic communications and coaching. She works with leaders at all levels as well as on the ground in the community to transform people, systems and outcomes.

Rikki has served on various Boards for the past 17 years and has experience as a Chair and Deputy Chair as well as a general Board Member.

Rikki is currently on the Board of the Tasmanian University Student Association (TUSA). Her past board appointments include the University of Tasmania Council, the Tasmania University Union Board of Management, The Tasmanian Academy, The Link Youth Health Service, DRILL Contemporary Dance, Colony 47 Partnership Brokers and The Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS). Rikki recently concluded her term as Chair of Connect 42 after seven years of service.