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Matthew Dewey

Board Member

Matthew Dewey

Matthew Dewey, Board Member

Matthew Dewey is a composer and arts leader with extensive media experience.

For more than 12 years he worked in a range of senior roles at ABC Classic, including as Senior Live Music Producer, Music Director and Executive Producer Music Projects and Partnerships. During this time he commissioned over 2000 recordings, led change projects to evolve team culture and digitise work practices and introduced a series of reforms to modernise programming and improve the diversity of representation, especially of female composers.

Matthew holds degrees in music composition, music technology and business administration. His music has been commissioned and performed by groups and companies including: The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra, Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Queensland Symphony Orchestra, IHOS Music Theatre laboratory, Southern Cross Soloists, the Seymour Group (Sydney), The New York Miniaturist Ensemble (USA) the Sydney Children’s Choir and many others.

Matthew is the practice manager and joint owner of Tasmanian law firm Advocate Lawyers. He is a husband, a dad and a proud Tasmania.