Hearing the sounds of life

12 December 2019

As part of their Hear the Sounds of Life campaign, Maria Brown Hearing Clinic partnered earlier this year with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra to raise awareness of the impact hearing loss has on our ability to enjoy all of the amazing sounds life has to offer, including an evening at the TSO with friends, family and loved ones.

While this was a light hearted and fun take on the real cost of hearing loss, one of the other projects Maria Brown Hearing Clinic has been engaged in the past five years has been in partnering with the Starkey Foundation to help those who cannot help themselves with respect to hearing loss.

As part of this initiative, Maria Brown Hearing Clinic has been sending all donated and traded-in hearing aids from their loyal clients to the Starkey Foundation. The Starkey Foundation organise to have these devices prescribed in third world communities to those unable to afford or even in most cases access solutions to hearing loss. Recently as part of this effort Maria Brown Hearing Clinic has been taking particular interest in the work being conducted for children.

Manager of Maria Brown Hearing Clinic, Kevin Brown, said ‘For children with hearing loss, cognitive development and education are seriously restricted in a young person’s formative years and it has been a real eye opener for us to realise just how thin on the ground hearing care is outside most large cities in most parts of Africa, Asia and South America.

To date, our contribution along with thousands of other partner clinics around the world, has helped fit over 1.5 million donated hearing aids to those in need. A truly astounding figure we hope to expand on in the coming years, along with continuing to donate our time and effort to delivering hearing care services into remote communities in some of the poorest parts of the world.’

If you or anyone you know has any old hearing aids sitting in the drawer gathering dust, we encourage you to donate them to a truly worthy cause and help others enjoy all the amazing sounds that healthy hearing can deliver. Visit for more information.