Tune In

No. 11 Danse de Myrtha

from Giselle: Act 2, by Adolphe Adam

Adolphe Adam was born in 1803 in Paris, France and died there in 1856. He wrote several comic operas and ballets and his ballet Giselle has remained a favourite with classical ballet dancers and audiences.

Giselle is a ballet about love and betrayal. Act 1 ends with the death of Giselle, a young woman who has been betrayed on the eve of her wedding.  At the beginning of Act 2, Giselle has been transformed into a Wili, a type of zombie. Wilis are young women who have died of a broken heart and Myrtha is Queen of the Wilis. The English translation of the French title, Danse de Myrtha, is Myrtha’s Dance.

Worksheet for Primary classrooms

Step 1. Watch the video to learn about Violin Strings

Step 2. Listen to the TSO recording of Danse de Myrtha

Step 3. Answer 10 questions

Step 4. Download a Word Search