Learn more about music with TUNE IN

We all love to watch the TSO play; we appreciate the music and the instruments, but not all of us understand how it fits together. To help learners of all ages better understand different styles of orchestral music across hundreds of years, as well as meeting orchestral instruments, we have just created TUNE IN, a free online education resource exploring the wide world of classical music.

Produced by the TSO, with support from ABC Classic and the Hush Foundation, TUNE IN is designed as a digital learning tool for teachers, parents and individuals. Each of the 48 resources have an introductory film featuring a TSO musician or Australian composer, a piece of music from periods including Baroque, Classical and Romantic, as well as works written for children by Australian composers. Plus, there are additional learning tools that allow TUNE IN to be delivered as part of the Australian Curriculum within a formal education setting.

This was a huge project for the TSO to undertake, but one that demonstrates our ongoing dedication to music education and accessibility. We are proud of TSO’s Learning and Engagement Executive, Jenny Compton and her project team for making TUNE IN a reality in such a short space of time. Jenny has also converted TUNE IN from a digital to a hard copy program for use within Risdon Prison. Well done Jenny!

It’s because of our dedicated patron support that projects like TUNE IN can be made available for free. Thank you to all of you who choose to give to our Learning and Engagement programs and help bring these to life.

We hope you enjoy exploring TUNE IN as much as we are, you find the full program on the TSO website.