John, can you tell us some more about the Tas Police Charity Ride?

The first ride was in 2007, and Constable Richard Douglas of Tas Police came up with the idea after two workmates both had children (firstborn for both) born with Down Syndrome within 1 year, and they just didn’t have any help or support during that scary time.

Since then, there have been 14 rides, with riders covering over 5,000kms and raising almost $600,000 for charities supporting young, disadvantaged Tasmanians.

What are some of your experiences (and I’m sure there are many)?

We have ridden through thunderstorms with lightning, snow, and of course strong winds. We have lapped the state a couple of times and let me tell you it is not flat!

The ride has also spent thousands of dollars in small towns, supporting local businesses, and even schools and community organisations, through catering and accommodation for us all.

Beth Coombe

At Mt Owen (1146m), Gormanston in 2016 – above Queenstown.

How long have you been involved, and why do you do it?

I have personally done seven rides, missing one with a broken leg – falling off a bicycle of course, and hope that I have a few more in me. I estimate I have ridden about 2,100kms and have enjoyed the challenges and camaraderie that goes with the riding and fundraising. The riding is tough and overcoming the physical pain becomes a mental challenge but the satisfaction on completing a ride is as good as knowing that we have helped many who need our support.

Can we help?

Your support is much appreciated, and you’ll know that I’ll have done my utmost (I’ll be on a day off on Monday after the ride weekend!).

You can donate to John's fundraising campaign here: