Grieg Peer Gynt

A set of resources for use by generalist and music specialist primary classroom teachers developed around three movements from GRIEG Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op. 46. 

The resource includes a recording by the TSO of movement III Anitra's Dance and PDF teaching resources of suggested activities and tasks suitable for course assessment.

F-2: ACAMUM080; 081; 082; ACAMUR083; ACAVAM107; 108; ACSSU020

3-4: ACAMUM084; 085; 086; ACA MUR087; ACAVAM111; 112

5-6: ACAMUM088; 089; 090: ACAMUR09; ACAVAM115;


READ about resource writers Maxine Antolli and Christine Ovens.


The complete GRIEG Peer Gynt Suite No.1 recording is available here from iTunes.

Listen to the TSO recording.

Download Resources

Download teaching resources.