GRIEG Peer Gynt

A set of resources for use by generalist and music specialist primary classroom teachers developed around three movements from GRIEG Peer Gynt Suite No.1, Op. 46. 

The resource includes a recording by the TSO of movement III Anitra's Dance and PDF teaching resources of suggested activities and tasks suitable for course assessment.

F-2: ACAMUM080; 081; 082; ACAMUR083; ACAVAM107; 108; ACSSU020

3-4: ACAMUM084; 085; 086; ACA MUR087; ACAVAM111; 112

5-6: ACAMUM088; 089; 090: ACAMUR09; ACAVAM115;

The complete GRIEG Peer Gynt Suite No.1 recording is available here from iTunes.
READ about resource writers Maxine Antolli and Christine Ovens.