Meet another member of the Wolfe Pack: Gavin Wolfe

8 April 2024

Gavin at work

This April, The TSO is presenting our premiere performances with Tassie local legends, Nick and Tom Wolfe, more famously known as The Wolfe Brothers, in Hobart and Launceston. However, we have another member of the Wolfe family working in the heart of the TSO! Gavin Wolfe works in the TSO production team as Production and Venue Assistant. We were interested to know how much further the musical connection goes for Gav and his experience in working with and growing up with Nick and Tom. Gav generously spent some time chatting to us about how deep his musical connection goes, and what it is like working with Nick and Tom on stage.

Gav, tell us about your connection with The Wolfe Brothers.

My dad and their dad (my uncle) were partners in the family berry farm. We grew up together on the farm, and we played music together while also learning about farming with our dads.

What was it like spending time with them while you were growing up?

We’ve always been close. I’ve been lucky to tour with them working as a stagehand, selling merch in Queenstown, the list goes on! I’ve worked with Nick and Tom moving P.A.s and backline since the pub cover band days over 12 years ago. There are so many great memories and some pretty funny moments over the years doing what we love to do together.

Would you say that music runs in the blood of the Wolfe family? Is it a great connector for you all, or are your outliers?

The Wolfe family, since the inception of the family farm (four generations ago,) have been farmers and musicians. From my great-grand father George Wolfe to my grandfather Ernie, my dad and Tom and Nick’s dad Malcolm, they’ve all played music. They’ve played in bands, some played at the Theatre Royal, some even played alongside ACDC at City Hall! Also, my sister and mum Emily are both music teachers. Emily plays in her own bands and plays fiddle on our great grandfather’s violin. We’ve all had a lot of fun together at Christmas, birthdays, anytime we’re together someone starts playing something!

We heard you were instrumental in introducing The Wolfe Brothers to the TSO. What happened?

I believe the discussions may have already begun but there was a great moment one afternoon where I needed to drop something into work, Tom was with me and got to meet Simon [Rogers, Director Artistic Identity]. They had a chat and the rest is history!

Are you and your family looking forward to this concert?

We are all really looking forward to it, both family and friends of the family will be there and I think it will be a very special moment.

Finally, is there anything else we might like to know about the brothers?

Gardening fans might recognise Nick as he was in the pilot series of Gardening Australia along with Peter Cundall talking about Gooseberries! The footage of this was recently rediscovered when were again featured on gardening Australia last year.

Thank you so much for your insights Gav. We can’t wait to see you all up there onstage together!