Vienna Nights

Marko Letonja conductor
Lorina Gore soprano

J STRAUSS II Roses from the South
J STRAUSS II Vienna Blood
LEHÁR Vilja from The Merry Widow
LEHÁR Gold and Silver
J STRAUSS II Thunder and Lightning

Saturday 04 June
Federation Concert Hall Hobart

Vienna Nights

Vienna Nights takes you back to a world of graceful figures drifting across a parquetry dance floor. Dinner suits and ballgowns whirl to the one-two-three lilt of a Strauss waltz, while up above a glistening crystal chandelier casts a glorious, old-world glow. Welcome to the half-real, half-mythical realm of 19th-century Vienna.

Join Marko Letonja, TSO Conductor Laureate, for a night of luxurious waltzes, zesty polkas and classics from the family Strauss. Soprano Lorina Gore brings an extra touch of glamour as she performs sparkling numbers from the golden age of Viennese operetta. Indulge in the style and sophistication of a bygone era at Vienna Nights.


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