Deadline to Showtime

Carlo Antonioli conductor
Jane Longhurst actor

Friday 16 June

Federation Concert Hall, nipaluna/Hobart

Strauss Horn Concerto

We’re back with an early-evening concert for all the family! And not just a concert, this one includes drama and action too. Deadline to Showtime tells the story of an orchestra caught in a dilemma – a concert’s looming but all of the players are away on holiday. With the clock ticking and the deadline drawing ever closer, will they arrive back in time for the big show? Will they swap bungee jumping for Beethoven? Hiking for Handel? Come along and find out! You and your children are assured a rollicking good time with actor Jane Longhurst leading the madcap adventures. Suitable for ages six and above.

Get into the rock 'n' roll spirit of the evening and come dressed up as a rock star! K-pop, old-school, grunge or glam - let your imagination run wild and prepare your best rock star pose for the photobooth in the foyer.

There’ll be opportunities for the audience to participate in the music-making too, so hone your body percussion skills ahead of time at our pre-concert workshops in the foyer at 5pm, 5.15pm and 5.30pm. Learn at home by watching our body percussion video, POWER UP. It's your chance to be a rockstar!