We now have four more Australians to call our own! Emma McGrath, TSO Concertmaster, husband Matt and sons Moses (9) and Noah (6) were officially sworn in as Australian citizens recently at a ceremony at Hobart Town Hall. We had a chat to Moses and Noah about their adventures around Tasmania and here is what they had to say.


We’ve heard that your family love going on adventures around Tassie. What are some of your favourite things to do?

Noah and Moses: Reaching the summit of Cradle Mountain! But we also generally like bushwalking, running, bike riding, swimming, climbing and abseiling.

What does becoming an official Tasmanian mean to you?


Moses: You get to have a passport.

Noah: I get to be cute.

What do you love most about Tasmania?

Moses: All the rare wildlife, and the diversity of nature around the state.

Noah: Exploring!

What is the most Tasmanian thing you can think of?

Moses: Saying G’day!

Noah: Having a sausage sizzle.

A few questions for Emma …

When did you officially become an Australian citizen?

Monday September 13th, 2021, at the Town Hall! It was fun to dress up for the occasion. 27 different nationalities were represented which is incredible. We celebrated afterwards with a small group of friends at the Crescent Hotel.

As a (new!) Tasmanian citizen, why are you so passionate about ensuring the TSO continues to connect with the community?

I grew up in a reasonably remote part of northern England. The nearest orchestra was a 90-minute train journey away, in Newcastle. However, they would come to my hometown of Carlisle about six times a year, which was fantastic when I was a child and couldn’t take the train on my own. I was so sad when budget constraints meant that that orchestra couldn’t visit places like my hometown anymore. So, I feel it is important to make the effort to travel around Tasmania as far and wide as we can. You never know whose lives you could be changing.