The Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Hydro Tasmania, and the Allport Bequest believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience world-class orchestral music live in the concert hall.

AccessTix is a unique partnership originally developed between the TSO and Hydro Tasmania, and expanded through the participation of the Allport Bequest, that provides free concert tickets to Tasmanians who might otherwise miss out on that very special experience. “Colony 47 highly values its relationship with AccessTix and the TSO. The opportunity that AccessTix has given our many clients has been important to enable them to enjoy good music in a beautiful surrounding. The benefits of such experiences carry on well after the concert is over.” – Therese Taylor, CEO of Colony 47. If you think you, or someone you know, might be eligible for AccessTix tickets, or if you want more information about the program, please contact the TSO directly by emailing or calling 1800 001 190.

Frequently asked questions regarding AccessTix are answered here.
To request tickets, use the AccessTix Request Form below. 

AccessTix Request Form

The form below is intended for use by government bodies and community organisations requesting tickets on behalf of eligible individuals. For more information about eligibility for AccessTix, please view our frequently asked questions page or contact us via THIS IS A REQUEST FOR TICKETS ONLY, PENDING CONFIRMATION BY THE TASMANIAN SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.
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