From the “music isle of the Orient” comes one of the world’s most dynamic and prestigious orchestras, on a mission to bring classical music to the world.

With a unique repertoire that marries the Chinese aesthete with western compositional techniques, this acclaimed, vibrant and accomplished orchestra has given more than 1300 performances in 80 cities throughout China and abroad. It prides itself on beating the classical music drum, particularly to the ears of younger generations.

Award-winning chief conductor Renchang Fu studied extensively in Shanghai and Germany. He brings his carefully cultivated sensitivities to the orchestra’s fore and to its interpretations of the beloved music of China.

This is a rare and wonderful opportunity to experience one of China’s favourite orchestras. Children especially welcome.


Wang ning The Eighth Symphony Tan Kah Kee
Bao Yuankai Sketches of Taiwan
Sunrise on Jade Mountain
Ilan Children’s Ditty      
Lugang Temple Gathering   
The Bell of Lungshun Temple 
Dabong Festival