Rhythmically vigorous and harmonically compelling

There’s a vitality to Vivaldi’s music that modern audiences find thrilling. Rhythmically vigorous and harmonically compelling, Vivaldi’s concertos unfurl according to their own inner logic, offering beauty of form and beauty of sound. They are also glittering showpieces for the violin, as you will hear in this concert when Emma McGrath takes on the dual role of director and soloist and teams up with Elinor Lea in the Concerto for Two Violins in A minor.

Taking his cue from what precisely is so modern about Vivaldi’s music – the patterned motifs, propulsive rhythms and forceful bass lines – contemporary composer Max Richter reimagines Vivaldi’s Four Seasons in Recomposed, a stunning deconstruction of Vivaldi’s classic that has wowed audiences throughout the world. Richter simultaneously pays homage to The Four Seasons and fashions something impressive, radiant and new.

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