Welcome to the great outdoors

Welcome to the great outdoors. Beethoven loved to wander through the countryside outside Vienna and in his Pastoral Symphony paid homage to nature’s revitalising pleasures. Australian composer Brett Dean is likewise a fan of the natural world but is mindful of the destructive influence of humankind. His Pastoral Symphony, which includes recorded sounds of native birds, takes its inspiration from the Australian bush but also sounds a note of warning about contemporary society’s precarious relationship with nature. At what point does paradise become paradise lost?

Like many composers of the post-Beethoven generation, Schumann felt he had much to live up to. His Cello Concerto strikes the perfect balance between Beethovenian rigour, dramatic tension and heartfelt emotion. A gifted composer for the human voice, Schumann makes the cello sing in all its magnificent glory. Don’t miss extraordinary talent Daniel Müller-Schott making his TSO debut.

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