Chris John

Chris John on his latest role in the TSO Library

Hi Christopher, welcome to the Library! How long have you been doing Front of House with us?
Since 1995 – Odeon days! I worked on the opening night at the Federation Concert Hall and have been FoH there ever since. I also worked in the TSO Box Office for a couple of years a while back.
Could you tell us about your violin teaching and playing?
I came here from the mainland in 1987 and did a couple of degrees at the University of Tasmania Conservatorium. Now I teach violin privately and I’ve previously conducted orchestras.
So, it sounds like you’re juggling a range of activities?
Yes, and the split between them has varied a lot over the years. After the Conservatorium I went into the folk music scene, tours, recording and so on. Now, I effectively have a few different jobs: I’m working in the TSO library, and Front of House for Federation Concert Hall and Theatre Royal. I also teach and perform in various ensembles.

And you have some strong non-musical interests?
I’m into motorcycles and there’s a cohort of motorcyclists here at the TSO which is great. I’ve done that in a pretty serious way over the years, building motorcycles and travelling. All things audio, including building audio components and pedal boards for my electric violin I find interesting. Also, over the last decade I’ve become interested in horology – everything to do with watches. This combines a lot of what I have been interested in, into one subject – the history, design, metallurgy – it’s so vast.

What are you most looking forward to about working in the library and at the TSO?
In this role I’m looking forward to knowing how an orchestral library works at a professional level. I’ve taken care of orchestras before, but not at the level of the TSO. It will be good to learn a system that works so well and why – it’s going to be really interesting.