Blundstone not afraid to get their boots dirty with new commission

The TSO were thrilled to partner with Blundstone Boots earlier this year on a new commission to celebrate Blundstone’s 150 year anniversary in 2020. Adam Blake, Co-CEO Blundstone sums up the partnership best.

“Musicians and music festivals have played a role in growing our brand to what it has become today. We have a natural affinity to work with organisations like the TSO.”

To support their global campaign, the TSO commissioned young Tasmanian composer Saxon Hornett to create a short bespoke piece of music using the full orchestra.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the TSO to support Saxon as an emerging local composer, while offering the TSO a unique chance to work alongside a valued partner in a new and exciting way.

Our collaboration culminated in Blundstone’s 150 year campaign video being launched earlier this year in over 75 countries world-wide.

You can view the campaign video and discover more about what went on behind the scenes by watching The Sound of Blundstone video.

More recently, a new opportunity arose for Blundstone to provide further support to TSO through a second commission with Saxon which has culminated in the creation of a longer commission for full orchestra, which was inspired by Saxon’s original commission. We can’t wait to perform the new commission with our orchestra very soon so keep an eye out!