JONATHON RAMSAY took up the position of Principal Trombone in 2015, fresh from completing his Bachelor of Music Studies degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under Scott Kinmont. He has performed as guest principal trombone with both the Sydney and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras, and as a soloist with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. He has been successful in competitions both domestic and international on the Euphonium including being a finalist in the ABC Young Performers awards multiple times, and has studied the Ophicleide with Nick Byrne, which led to him becoming a founding member of the Sydney Ophicleide Quartet. Also keen on Historically Informed Performance, Jonathon has spent time playing the Sackbut – the predecessor to the modern trombone. Always searching to improve, he has had lessons from some of the world’s leading trombonists, including Michael Mulcahy of the Chicago Symphony and Jorgen van Rijen of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.