Now in its eighth decade, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra is a much loved cultural institution and a ‘source of pride’ to 87% of Tasmanians, according to a recent survey. In addition to performing to its substantial subscriber audiences in Hobart and Launceston, the TSO reaches a broad cross-section of listeners in both cities with free outdoor concerts, performs in regional Tasmania, attracts newcomers to classical music with its Live Sessions concerts, performs in schools and community centres, and collaborates with Mona Foma, Dark Mofo, Victorian Opera and the Australian National Academy of Music, among other organisations. Interstate touring in recent years has taken the orchestra to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. In December 2016-January 2017 the TSO made a highly successful tour of the Chinese provinces of Jiangsu, Fujian and Shanghai, giving nine concerts in seven cities. A much recorded orchestra, the TSO has more than 80 CDs in its catalogue, including more than 20 in the Australian Composer Series on ABC Classics and 16 in the Romantic Piano Concerto Series on the British label Hyperion. Founded in 1948, the TSO is a 47-piece ensemble. For works that require choral forces, the TSO is joined by the TSO Chorus, an auditioned group of approximately 80 voices. Eivind Aadland is the orchestra’s Chief Conductor and Artistic Director Designate.

  • Photo of Marko Letonja

    Marko Letonja

    Chief Conductor & Artistic Director


  • Photo of Emma McGrath

    Emma McGrath

  • Photo of Elinor Lea

    Elinor Lea

    Associate Concertmaster
  • Photo of Lucy Carrig Jones

    Lucy Carrig Jones

    Principal Second Violin
  • Photo of Jennifer Owen

    Jennifer Owen

    Principal First Violin
  • Photo of Miranda Carson

    Miranda Carson

  • Photo of Yue-Hong Cha

    Yue-Hong Cha

  • Photo of Edwina George

    Edwina George

  • Photo of Michael Johnston

    Michael Johnston

  • Photo of Christine Lawson

    Christine Lawson

  • Photo of Alison Lazaroff-Somssich

    Alison Lazaroff-Somssich

  • Photo of Susanna Low

    Susanna Low

  • Photo of Christopher Nicholas

    Christopher Nicholas

  • Photo of Rohana O'Malley

    Rohana O'Malley


  • Photo of Stefanie Farrands

    Stefanie Farrands

    Principal Viola
  • Photo of Douglas Coghill

    Douglas Coghill

  • Photo of Rodney McDonald

    Rodney McDonald

  • Photo of William Newbery

    William Newbery

  • Photo of Anna Larsen Roach

    Anna Larsen Roach


  • Photo of Sue-Ellen Paulsen

    Sue-Ellen Paulsen

    Principal Cello
  • Photo of Jonathan Bekes

    Jonathan Bekes

  • Photo of Ivan James

    Ivan James

  • Photo of Martin Penicka

    Martin Penicka

Double Bass

  • Photo of Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson

    Principal Double Bass
  • Photo of Aurora Henrich

    Aurora Henrich

  • Photo of James Menzies

    James Menzies


  • Photo of Douglas Mackie

    Douglas Mackie

    Principal Flute
  • Photo of Lloyd Hudson

    Lloyd Hudson



  • Photo of David Nuttall

    David Nuttall

    Principal Oboe
  • Photo of Dinah Woods

    Dinah Woods

    Oboe/Cor Anglais


  • Photo of Andrew Seymour

    Andrew Seymour

    Principal Clarinet
  • Photo of Chris Waller

    Chris Waller

    Clarinet/Bass Clarinet


  • Photo of Tahnee van Herk

    Tahnee van Herk

    Principal Bassoon
  • Photo of John Panckridge

    John Panckridge



  • Photo of Heath Parkinson

    Heath Parkinson

    Principal Third Horn
  • Photo of Roger Jackson

    Roger Jackson

  • Photo of Greg Stephens

    Greg Stephens


  • Photo of Yoram Levy

    Yoram Levy

    Principal Trumpet
  • Photo of Mark Bain

    Mark Bain


  • Photo of Jonathon Ramsay

    Jonathon Ramsay

    Principal Trombone
  • Photo of David Robins

    David Robins

Bass Trombone

  • Photo of Mitchell Nissen

    Mitchell Nissen


  • Photo of Timothy Jones

    Timothy Jones

    Principal Tuba


  • Photo of Matthew Goddard

    Matthew Goddard

    Principal Timpani


  • Photo of Gary Wain

    Gary Wain

    Principal Percussion