Nicholas Heyward Managing Director
Fiona McAlpine Executive Assistant

Artistic Management
Simon Rogers Director Artistic Planning
Alexis Hargrave Artistic and Chorus Coordinator
Jenny Compton Outreach and Education Executive
Rosemary Antonini Artistic Liaison

Business Services
John De Paoli Director Business Services
Sharon Winters Senior Business Services Officer
Amanda Elder Payroll Officer
Hayden Jones Business Services Officer
Brenda Fehlberg Customer Relationship Executive

Marketing, Communications & Box Office
Samuel Cairnduff Director Marketing and Communications
Robert Gibson Publications Editor
Ciara Nicholls Marketing Executive
Darrell Jones Customer Service Coordinator
Amanda Elder Customer Service Consultant
Deirdre Paramor Customer Service Consultant

People and Culture
Jenny Goulding Director People and Culture
Amanda Elder HR Coordinator

Ed Benyon Director Development
Nadeena Beck Development Coordinator

Orchestra Management
Greg Low Orchestra Manager
Jacqui Walkden Orchestral Coordinator
Nadeena  Beck Acting Orchestra Coordinator
Ian Wollstein Technical Coordinator
David Harvey Orchestra Librarian

Brian Harris Production Assistant